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  • Boosts Vascularity

    Boosts Vascularity

    Feed your muscles while getting a good pump in the gym.

  • Cuts Fat

    Cuts Fat

    Formulated to burn visceral and subcutaneous fat.

  • Unisex Supplement

    Unisex Supplement

    Designed to be used by both men and women.

  • Increases Strength

    Increases Strength

    Powerful anabolic formula for drastic strength gains.

  • Preserves Muscle

    Preserves Muscle

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  •  Fast Results

    Fast Results

    Significant improvements noticeable in less than 2 weeks.

What is Anavar?

Anavar, also known by the generic chemical name oxandrolone, is an anabolic steroid best known for its cutting properties. It offers unsurpassed safety among such steroids, and most people find the risk-to-benefit ratio appealing. Although it will not help you pack on pounds of muscle, Anavar can help you achieve a truly defined, toned look.

The History of Anavar

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, scientists and pharmacologists worked tirelessly to develop the perfect anabolic steroid. Some people claim that today’s Anavar for sale is as close to perfect as it gets, too. In those days, it was a prescription medication given not only to men, but also to women and children – two demographics typically left out of the steroid craze. While the drug does treat certain illnesses in children, such as bone pain or an inability to gain weight due to medical conditions, the potential for abuse still exists.

Why People Use It

People use oxandrolone for a number of reasons. Some, of course, utilize it as a prescription medication for conditions like osteoporosis, chronic infections, and even failure to regain weight after a surgery. Bodybuilders and athletes use it because of its other properties; it can provide a burst of energy and help provide definition in muscle mass. Although pharmaceutical companies provide the drug to those who fail to gain weight, athletes will find that it will not help them bulk. Rather, Anavar is an outstanding cutting agent, helping individuals achieve aesthetic perfection following a bulking cycle.

How Does It Work?

Most people take Anavar orally via a tablet, and doses ranging from 25 to 80mg per day depending on experience. This steroid work to cut fat quickly, so cycles are generally short. Combining it with something like testosterone propionate gives users even more fat-burning potential, as it does not promote bloating. In short, it is a modified version of DHT with incredible anabolic capabilities. Studies show that it has between three and six times the strength of testosterone alone.

Possible Side Effects

Although many people claim that Anavar has very mild side effects, it is actually quite hepatotoxic when used in large doses or for long periods. However, this steroid, unlike others, does not convert to estrogen. Thus, while side effects like gynecomastia and bloating generally do not occur, users may experience oily skin, hair growth, and acne. The most troublesome side effect is the liver toxicity, and this is mitigatable with the right doses and responsible use. Users should not take it for longer than eight to 10 weeks in succession.


Like all anabolic steroids, this one works best when used in a cycle and stacked with other ingredients. It is best for cutting, but it is also a powerful agent in bulking cycles thanks to its ability to provide energy and strength. It works alone for cutting, but if you want to use it for bulking, be sure to stack it with compounds for this purpose. They include Deca Durabolin and Dianabol, among others.

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Customer Testimonials

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I've used Anavar once before and while my progress was amazing, I wanted something with less chance of virilization. Anvarol is it! It really helps me to move up in weight.
Sarah Mills
Sarah Mills
Cincinnati, Ohio
I love keeping my body fat at 6-8% to ensure I always look my absolute best. Anvarol helps me stay there without losing muscle.
James Turner
James Turner
Fargo, North Dakota
I am a personal trainer and am always looking for healthy supplements to push myself harder. I love Anavar/Anvarol and you will too.
Jessie Helsing
Jessie Helsing
San Francisco, California

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