Anavar Stacks

Anavar StacksAlthough Anavar is one of the most popular anabolic steroids available today, most professionals note that it is not effective when used alone. For this reason, the following Anavar stacks will help you realize better results and fewer side effects as a whole. Keep in mind that women should generally try to avoid stacking Anavar with any other steroid.

Testosterone: Recommendation or Requirement?

Most anabolic steroids out there today are derivatives of testosterone, and this means that they bind to the same testosterone receptors in your brain. When these receptors are empty, they send signals to the pituitary gland that they need testosterone, and that gland sends signals to the testicles to produce more of the hormone. However, when the receptors are full, this communication does not occur, and your natural testosterone levels fall. As such, you should always supplement Anavar with testosterone to prevent side effects such as low libido, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.

Avoid Other Oral Steroids

Although Anavar stacks well with many other anabolic steroids, it is important to avoid using it with other oral compounds such as Dianabol. While Anavar itself is relatively safe in terms of liver toxicity, combining it with hepatotoxic steroids is dangerous. For example, Dianabol is another oral steroid that is incredibly popular among athletes because it provides massive gains in a very short time. However, it is extremely toxic, and adding Anavar only makes that toxicity worse. When stacking, only use injectable steroids


Trenbolone and Anavar stacks are quite popular for incredibly gains a few different reasons. First, both of these steroids are widespread and thereby easy to find. Trenbolone is quite notorious for offering up massive gains, and the Anavar boosts those gains synergistically. Remember to add an aromatase inhibitor to this cycle, though, since the Trenbolone converts to estrogen in the bloodstream. Also, remember to keep the doses of both components moderate. 50mg of Trenbolone and 50mg of Anavar daily is usually safe and effective.


Although a Masteron and Anavar stack will not boost exponential muscle growth, it does help harden the muscles, cut fat, and provide a ripped look. This particular stack is best for the off-season when you want to maintain your strength and develop a toned appearance. Experienced users can take up to 500mg per week of Anavar and 600mg per week of Masteron divided into daily doses. This cycle should last no more than eight to 10 weeks in length.


An Equipoise and Anavar stack is much like the Masteron above; it will not provide you with huge gains, but you will enjoy harder, higher quality gains. Most professionals recommend a 10-week cycle comprised of 400mg of Equipoise divided into two doses of 200mg twice per week along with anywhere from 30mg to 40mg of Anavar every day. Many recommend utilizing creatine along with this combination to help maintain the gains.

Finally, remember that many of the anabolic steroids that stack well with Anavar convert to estrogen in your bloodstream. As such, consider the benefits of incorporating one of many popular aromatase inhibitors into your stack, which include Clomid, Arimidex, or letrozole.

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